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Welcome to Web Designs 4U.

Web Designs 4U is part of World of Web designs
(WOW World of Web Designs) and as you will see looking through our web sites we offer fantastic web sites designed around your specifications. We pride ourselves on building bespoke websites just right for you and your company. We aim to offer competitively priced web design and will always look to price match other quotes and where possible be lower. This price match has no impact on our ability to offer high end designs using all the latest software and web design techniques. The company Director Jamie prides himself on the company’s customer service and aims to deal personally with all clients.

Our news and events archive

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    Online booking system

  • SEO Bedfordshire

  • SEO optimisation for your new website, will be based on a decade of SEO and website designer experience. It is necessary to include a budget for SEO optimisation to ensure your site has the best chance of appearing naturally in the search engines results.

  • We will look closely at the type of business you are aiming at and the kind of audience you wish to attract, especially if your company is locally based or can operate on a larger UK scale.

  • Cost of SEO Dunstable

  • The cost of SEO optimisation varies site to site and on your own personal requirements. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your new website and the cost of SEO for you.

  • How much will it cost for hosting of your new small to medium sized website. The hosting of your domain name and website will be payable in affordable monthly installments for the duration of the site with Website Designs 4U

  • How much will it cost for the updating your new website. The cost of updating your new website will entirely depend on the size and the amount of changes required per month, howevers, we offer a very special monthly maintenance fee that could include hosting, domain name renewal and normal site updates

  • How much will it cost to get your site online. This again depends on the domain name required, the amount of work you wish to instruct us with, we are a very friendly team, you are welcome to chat with us, for initial contact, use our Contact page

  • How much will it cost in the long run if you don't get it right first time. With the amount of knowledge required to get a site, not only online, but into the natural search results, it could be costly to your business if you choose the wrong route. We are a team dedicated to ensuring both our businesses succeed. Every website throws up errors, we keep an eye on these errors and correct them for you (assuming you are on our monthly maintenance program) The more errors your site receives, the further down the searches it can slide.

  • Website speed

  • How fast or slow will your new website be? With our accumulated knowledge, we can ensure the smooth fast loading of your website, even a very heavy duty website we can have loading in over 75/100 page speed load, most of our websites are loading in the 90+/100 page speed load, this will help your rankings, as Google will not hang about waiting for your site to load in order to index it, neither will your new potential customers. We pride ourselves on a fast page load speed.

  • SEO Leighton Buzzard Bedfordshire

  • Can I pay a deposit and monthly payments. Yes, as long as the deposit is paid, we shall secure the domain name for your new site, then get to work on creating your new website. Our designer will begin with creating the initial design, based on the type of your business, once the initial design is approved, the site will be attended to by our SEO manager, who will research based on the type of business and audience you are seeking via your website advertising. You can then pay a monthly affordable fee for the hosting and upkeep of your domain name and website.

  • Ecommerce website Dunstable Bedfordshire

  • How much will an e-commerce site cost me. Go to our Services page where we often have special offers, including ecommerce site offers! Please feel free to chat with us about your individual requirements and we will offer you a very fair price to create your ecommerce website.

  • Online booking for hotels Dunstable

  • Online booking for hotels. Will it cost me a percentage each time someone books a room online? No, once you have paid your initial set up fee, only the hosting and changes will cost you extra money. We can offer an all in monthly maintenance fee that could include the hotel sites changes and hosting.

  • Forums. Maybe you would like your own company forum, we can set one up for you. The difference with using Website Designs 4U will be, that the very best anti spam software will be incorporated into your forum, in the hope that all the work you and your members do on the forum, is secure from hackers, spammers and scrapers. Although the software is not foolproof, we have other ways of protecting your forum. Once your new forum is setup, you will be in full control of the daily running and if you need help along the way, assuming you have taken regular backups, as advised, we will be willing to help at a very affordable rate.
  • You can join us on our Facebook page and see our latest projects as they break the news!
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Web design of any complexity

What do our sites offer?

Because our sites are designed to be bespoke for the customer you can rest assured that what ever your comapnies needs and requirments are we ensure they will be met! The initial process begins with us asking you some questions so we can design something that is entirely bespoke to you. Web Site Designs 4U can offer a wide range of services please click here for further details. Services

Jamie Arnold
Website Designs 4U inc. World of Web Designs Bedfordshire

Our web site development company have now moved offices to Incuba Dunstable and offer a full range of SEO services for your company site from Cuffley Hertfordshire and Dunstable Bedfordshire offices

Welcome to Website Designs 4U Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire offices, we are experienced website developers and offer monthly SEO maintenance for small, medium or large sized website development projects, offering the best chance of being seen in the google search results with fast page speed load plus monthly payment options for the SEO for your new website design. With a choice of two website designers dedicated to offering you the very best chance for your website to be seen, fast pageload speeds for the new site. Wide variety of designs available for shopping carts sites, online hotel booking site with software that allows your hotel rooms to be booked online without paying any further booking fees, sell your product online with only one website design fee, no further booking fees required apart from the usual Paypal fees etc. Website Designer 4U SEO company services for small medium sized website Wiltshire small to small medium sized website projects need help with your search engine placement need help with your websites performance in search engines like google? If your website is not performing well in the google search engines or you are having to pay out too much money to advertise with PPC, then website designs 4u really is for you! Website designs 4U is now part of suzisunflowers.com designer of SEO'd websites for over 10 years. Unique website designs with built in SEO. Inexpensive yet effective SEO'd top 10 websites 4U. You want a website that will be seen on the vast world wide web, come to Website Designs 4U

Website designer with ongoing monthly seo services from Hertfordshire & Bedford small to medium sized website projects. We specialise in producing small to medium or very large sized websites and are a young and dynamic Web Promotion Agency locally based in Bedfordshire. Every website is handmade and given full individual attention! In the mid 70's I started out as a typesetter. In the golden days of manual typesetting. There were no pc's yet! For years I charged high fees for my expertise in typesetting... then the world changed, pc's came along together with desktop publishing! I migrated into teaching Pagemaker and Ventura both on-site and in-house. The internet has added an entirely new aspect to the world of digital advertising and fully SEO'd search engine optimised is usually beyond the scope of most people who know about their own business and how to run it and don't have time to study this aspect of their website. Turning to paying per clicks PPC works out expensive and when you run out of your monthly budget you are back to square one. Choosing a good webmaster means choosing someone who cares enough about your business to keep a close eye on your site and it's performance. If you have further questions before getting going, contact me and we will answer asap. Each of my web sites are designed and targeted towards the business we are designing, offer social media services for your optimised site and your existing advertising and company promotion material, with our own graphic designer, we can also help in the designing process for your company branding and we can help existing sites with SEO search engine positions and SEO to help with your natural search engine and Google search placements. Now my son has joined forces with me to make website designs 4U even better value for money, with great designs and super SEO (search engine optimisation) all in from company.

Jamie Arnold
Website Designs 4U